Thursday, May 16, 2013

Starting from Zero

Okay.  i bought my first table saw.   Got it home,. Assembled everthing    Aligned everything   So i should be ready to get cracking on some DIY goodness.  Right?  Wrong!!!!  
    In order to begin my first project i needed a ZCI (zero clearance insert),  which i found was not gonna be something i could pick up at the local big box lumber store.   So I started looking for some after market  candidates.   And what did I find you ask.   Nothing. Nada. Nil.    I couldn't find a thing..   So,  My options were:  make one or return the tablesaw.    So now my first project is a zero clearance insert.   And after a few minutes of tinkering i was up and running.  PUHLEASE!!!
      After 3 days i finally succeded in producing a functioning model.   Of course i totally screwed up a perfect piece of red oak on two of the test peices before it dawned on me to make it out of MDF first.  DUH!!



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